Australia deported French 'extremist' after Paris attacks

An aeroplane prepares to land at Melbourne Tullamarine Airport Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption The man was deported after arriving in Australia with three cans of mace and extremist literature

A suspected French extremist was deported from Australia after arriving in the country two days after terror attacks on Paris.

Australian officials said the man was detained at Melbourne's Tullamarine airport on November 15.

He was carrying three cans of mace and had extremist literature on his mobile devices when he arrived on a flight from the Middle East.

He was deported the following day, Australian Border Force (ABF) said.

"The man was detained by ABF counter-terrorism unit team officers as a result of an assessment of advance passenger processing information, which revealed an anomaly with his electronic travel authority," the ABF said in a statement.

"A subsequent search of his belongings revealed objectionable material of an extremist ­nature on his mobile devices and prohibited goods in his luggage."

Australian media reported that the man had arrived from Abu Dhabi.

Attorney General George Brandis confirmed the incident and said appropriate measures were taken when travellers posed an "unacceptable level of risk".

"What I think this case illustrates is the care which the Australian government takes to ensure that everyone that arrives in Australia is subject to appropriate scrutiny," he told the Australian Broadcasting Corp.

The Australian newspaper reported today that the country has stepped up screening of EU passport holders in the wake of the Paris attacks.

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