Aurora Australis: Solar flares light up Australian skies

A small amount of bio-luminescent plankton washes up on the rocks at Terrigal, north of Sydney Image copyright David Magro Photography
Image caption A small amount of bio-luminescent plankton washes up on the rocks at Terrigal, north of Sydney

Photographers on the east coast of Australia have captured incredible images of the Aurora Australis.

The atmospheric event, which is the Aurora Borealis' southern counterpart, occurs when cosmic rays or solar wind interact with earth's upper atmosphere.

One photographer who captured images of the light show, David Magro, lives just north of Sydney on the New South Wales Central Coast.

Mr Magro told the BBC he had been hunting the Aurora for several years.

Image copyright Julie Head
Image caption This striking photograph by Julie Head shows the lights illuminating a tractor in a Tasmanian paddock
Image copyright Kelli Nalder
Image caption Kelli Nalder took this photograph of the River Derwent in Tasmania
Image copyright Andrew Klapton‎ Photography
Image copyright Andrew Klapton Photography
Image caption Tasmanian Andrew Klapton said he captured the biggest light beams he had seen in his six months of "aurora chasing"

"I was by myself in the pitch black and I zoomed in, and [then] jumped up into the air and [started] talking to myself," he said.

"I was over the moon, I couldn't believe this was happening."

Image copyright Megan Rodger‎
Image caption "I think even the sheep were impressed," Megan Rodger said from Tasmania about this shot titled 'Baas and Beams'
Image copyright Tim Gard‎ Photography
Image caption Tim Gard in Tasmania took this image at around 10pm on Sunday
Image copyright Beth Heap
Image caption Photographer Beth Heap said a faint glow was still covering Kingston Beach in Tasmania on Monday night
Image copyright Sophie Fazackerley‎
Image caption "I was running to try to get to a particular spot, but it came on so wide and so tall, I had to plonk the tripod down and snap away," Tasmanian photographer Sophie Fazackerley‎ said
Image copyright Theresa Ockenden
Image caption Out of this world: The fluorescent skies above Tasmania during the southern lights
Image copyright Wayne Painter
Image caption "I avoided the city lights [so] I could get more detail", photographer Wayne Painter said from Tasmania

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