Australian police search for men on park-bench vehicles

CCTV images of men riding motorised picnic tables in Perth Image copyright Western Australia Police
Image caption Australian police have warned Perth locals not to take their laid-back lifestyles onto the streets, after footage emerged of this mobile picnic table party

Australian police are looking to identify a group of men filmed riding motorised park benches on public roads in Perth.

Footage of the nine men casually rolling through an intersection in Scarborough on Sunday has gone viral.

While witnesses said they were amused by the spectacle, police said there were real dangers involved.

They said the men could face several charges, including driving an unlicensed and unroadworthy vehicle.

"Police are concerned for the safety of those riding on the tables with no protective clothing, especially when on roads alongside motor vehicles," Western Australian police said in a Facebook post.

The owner of the table said an officer already spoke to the group and let them off with a warning, according to reports.

"Both drivers were sober, the police asked us to push them back across the road to the beach. We complied with all requests by police on Sunday," he told 9News Perth.

The tables are equipped with a motor and a lever with what appears to be a brake attached. The mechanism for steering the table is not visible in photos or videos.

Image copyright Western Australia Police
Image copyright Western Australia Police
Image caption "[It was] very funny, everyone was laughing. They were just sitting there drinking beers at the table," witness Josh Carr told local media

Several Australians have been booked drink-driving onboard similar vehicles, including motorised cooler boxes known as "Eskys", this year.

In January a man on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula was fined $1,476 for riding an unlicensed ice box on the footpath.

Image copyright South Australia Police
Image caption Police in Adelaide impounded this unregistered and uninsured vehicle earlier this year

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