Qantas and Air New Zealand in rugby World Cup final wager

Digitally altered images from Air New Zealand and Qantas show both companies' planes in opposing colours. Image copyright Air NZ / Qantas
Image caption The initial suggested wager involved repainting the entire fleet.

The national airlines of Australia and New Zealand have agreed a wager on the outcome of the Rugby World Cup final.

Air New Zealand and Qantas shook on the agreement following a humorous exchange on Twitter ahead of Saturday's game.

Qantas crew will have to wear New Zealand rugby jerseys on Monday if the All Blacks win. Air NZ pilots, however, will have to announce Australia's win.

It followed an earlier suggestion that the losing airline repaint their fleet in the opposition colours.

Air New Zealand began the exchange on Twitter by sending the Australian airline a digitally altered photo of a Qantas passenger plane painted completely black, with slogans including "team All Blacks" "bound in black" and "simply the best".

"We've been thinking about this wager. How about you paint your planes like this?" the airline said.

Qantas responded with their own image of an Air New Zealand plane in bright Australian gold, saying they "think it needs a golden touch".

Image copyright Twitter
Image caption The wager was well-received by rugby fans - prompting a more realistic re-think.

Air New Zealand responded: "We wouldn't want to slow our planes down … with all that extra paint", to which Qantas quipped: "We wouldn't think you'd be in a hurry to get here when you lose."

Qantas planes usually fly in a white-and-red colour scheme, while Air New Zealand usually fly white aircraft with a black tail.

The exchange was well-received by rugby fans and Twitter followers, prompting both sides to suggest the more realistic wager on the outcome.

"How about this? On Monday in the air, your crew wear our jerseys," Air New Zealand suggested earlier today.

"It's on! But let's not leave the pilots out!" Qantas agreed.

Both companies then agreed to "take this offline" to formalise the bet.

Neither have said if they are still considering repainting their entire fleet by Monday.

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