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Reporters Without Borders has praised the media's 'liveliness'

Privately-owned TV and radio stations operate alongside outlets run by the state-owned Fiji Broadcasting Corporation.

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) has praised the media's "liveliness and spirit of resistance". But is says journalists are restricted by a "draconian" media industry decree which became law in 2018. Reporters who violate its "vaguely-worded" rules risk imprisonment.

Radio is a key source of information, particularly on the outer islands. There are public and privately-owned stations. The BBC (88.2 FM), Radio Australia and Radio France Internationale are available via local relays.

There were more than 500,000 internet users by June 2018 (


The Fiji Times - private, main English-language daily

Fiji Sun - private

The Jet - English-language monthly


Fiji TV - private

Mai TV - private

FBC TV - state-owned


Fiji Broadcasting Corporation - state-owned commercial company, operates Fijian-language Radio Fiji One, Hindi-language Radio Fiji Two, music-based Bula FM, Hindi station Mirchi FM, music-based 2day FM and Radio Fiji Gold

Communications Fiji - private, operates several networks in English, Fijian and Hindi