Japan earthquake map: video reports

Footage of blast at nuclear plant Trains derailed after tsunami Aerial footage of Sendai City in Iwate devastated by tsunami Rooftop rescue in Kesennuma Yamadamachi Ishinomaki Minamisanriku Footage of blast at nuclear plant

Footage of blast at nuclear plant


A massive explosion rocked the Fukushima nuclear power plant after problems caused by the earthquake.

Footage of blast at nuclear plant


A second explosion ripped through the plant's reactor 3 on Monday.

Trains derailed after tsunami


Trains in Shinchi, in Fukushima Prefecture, were swept from their tracks by the tsunami.

Aerial footage of Sendai


Sendai was hard hit. Aerial footage shows an industrial complex on fire, submerged houses and stranded ships.

City in Iwate devastated by tsunami


Troops were deployed to help with search and rescue operations as thousands were left missing.

Rooftop rescue in Kesennuma


Stranded residents in Kesennuma were winched from rooftops after the city was engulfed by the tsunami.



White smokes rises from burning houses in Yamadamachi in Iwate Prefecture, northern Japan.



Self-Defense Force officers rescued people by a boat after homes and towns were destroyed.



Around 10,000 people in the port of Minamisanriku, were reported missing, more than half the population.

Video reports map

The day after the biggest earthquake on record to hit Japan revealed the extent of the destruction across the country. Thousands of people were left dead or missing after the tremor triggered a tsunami that swept through cities, towns and villages.

Relief operations are underway and a state of emergency has been declared at the Fukushima number 1 and 2 power plants as engineers try to confirm whether a reactor at one of the stations has gone into meltdown.

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