S Korea 'sex for secrets' scandal in Shanghai

By Chris Hogg
BBC News, Shanghai


South Korea is investigating an alleged scandal involving sex and visas at its consulate in Shanghai in China.

Media reports said several South Korean diplomats there passed on secrets and did favours for a Chinese woman they were each having sex with.

The affair was uncovered after a tip-off from the woman's husband, a South Korean businessman.

In Seoul the foreign minister has apologised to parliament and promised a thorough inquiry.

Sex for secrets - that's what the woman at the centre of this scandal's alleged to have offered.

President's number

She secured favours from the diplomats she had affairs with.

They helped her clients get South Korean visas, they also leaked classified information - allegedly even the president's mobile phone number.

So was she just a visa broker with unorthodox tactics, or something worse - a spy?

In Seoul the foreign minister's expressed his shame at what he called "this scandalous affair" at the consulate here in Shanghai.

He has promised to get to the bottom of it.

Three diplomats have been sent home to face investigators. But it is not clear what has happened to the woman dubbed by one South Korean newspaper "the sexy siren - a femme fatale".

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