About Damian Grammaticas

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Media captionThe BBC's Damian Grammaticas in Beijing

From my apartment in Beijing I look out at the steel, glass and concrete of this city's central business district.

The view takes in the skyscrapers, the sometimes-weird-and-wonderful architecture that is rising in Beijing, and a building site where dozens of migrant workers are putting up yet another new structure.

So I live and work at the heart of changing China, and everyday I am reminded that the pace at which this country is developing is astonishing.

I've worked for the BBC for some 16 years, first as a reporter in the UK, and, for the past decade, as a foreign correspondent. I've been based in Hong Kong, in Moscow and in Delhi, and have covered East Asia, the former Soviet Union and South Asia, reporting from Taiwan, Japan and Korea, Russia, Georgia and Ukraine, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.

I moved to Beijing in 2009 to be the BBC's China correspondent. So I am lucky enough to have seen up close three of the so-called BRIC nations, the rising powers of Brazil, Russia, India and China that are re-shaping our world.

My job now is to try to chart the changes that are happening in China. I hope to be able to help you follow China's transformation, the lives that are being altered, the achievements and the problems, the stresses, the strains, the fears and the hopes, and to try to shed a little light on what it might mean for you and me.

It's a story that many believe could well define this century, and it is a story that is likely to impact on all our lives. So this is an interesting time to be in a giant and fascinating country, where I'll try to share what I can.