Queensland rebuilding 'huge task'

Australia's third largest city, Brisbane, is experiencing some of the worst flooding in the city's recent history. The water level was expected to peak at 1800 (GMT) on Wednesday and to remain high for about 12 hours. Thousands of people have fled their homes.

ipswich suncorp west_end strory_bridge ferris_wheel fairfield gillan_street

Kangaroo rescue

A young kangaroo is rescued from the floodwaters in Ipswich, about 40km southwest of Brisbane.

Suncorp Stadium

Brisbane sports stadium is under water and matches have been cancelled.

Moving out

Many people have had to flee their homes to escape the flooding.

City centre

Waters lap at the foot of the Wheel of Brisbane ferris wheel in the city centre.

Former PM helps out

Former Australian PM Kevin Rudd

Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was spotted helping people fleeing their homes in his own neighbourhood.

View from a bridge

People towing a boat with a dighy through flood water

Video footage captured from the Story Bridge in central Brisbane, looking towards the city centre


Fairfield residents evacuate Brisbane

Resident Rose Jones is moved to safety from her home in Fairfield

Flood water levels based on mapping by Brisbane City Council and computer modelling by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.

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