Indonesian media assess Obama visit

Image caption, The Indonesian media say the relationship with the USA should be one of equals

The Indonesian media have on the whole responded positively to the visit of US President Barack Obama.

Several media outlets hailed the significance of the visit and felt it was likely to benefit both countries. Others stressed that for Indonesia to benefit, any resulting partnership between the two countries would have to be an equal one.

Editorial in Republika

Obama's two-day visit to Indonesia is significant for both countries amidst the increasingly strong regionalism and new world giants.

Editorial in Suara Karya

If the comprehensive partnership between Indonesia and the United States becomes a reality, we are sure that it will benefit the people of both countries.

Ivan A. Hadar in Seputar Indonesia

The Indonesian government must stress that the partnership agreement must be based on the principle of equality.

Editorial in Sinar Indonesia Baru

Obama's presence should never divide this nation, and we must be able to learn wisdom from his visit. This nation must be broad-minded. The interest of our nation, particularly in the world political and economic arena, must be maintained responsibly.

Editorial in Seputar Indonesia

The comprehensive partnership offered by the Obama administration must be used as much as possible to benefit Indonesia and the United States… Sensitive issues which have so far been obstacles, such as human rights, the Papua issue, the Palestine issue and terrorism, must be prioritised in the comprehensive partnership.

Editorial in Koran Tempo

No matter how short the visit is, the government should try to draw as much benefit from it as possible. With relations that are neither too close nor too loose with the United States, our country will be freer to work together with many countries... The key is still the ability of the government to draw benefit from the bilateral relationship and not just to accept America's agenda.

Tempo Interaktif news website

This visit is expected to boost relations between the two countries because international stability will depend on everlasting relations between Islam and the Western world.

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