'It was so deep trucks were floating'


Flooding has caused chaos in parts of southern Thailand and north Malaysia, making some areas inaccessible. Dmitri Terletski lives and works on the popular tourist island of Ko Samui, Thailand.

"On Tuesday the water was up to the handlebars on motorbikes and at times it was so deep that cars and trucks were floating. The island's ring road disappeared under the water but it is getting better now thanks to a new drainage system.

"The rain has slowed down since then but it is still falling and there are still areas that remain consistently flooded.

"I was able to take photos from the balcony of our town house where we are safe and secure upstairs. It is flooded downstairs in the ground floor and the houses we can see across the road have been badly affected.

image captionResidents fill sandbags to try to stop the flood water

"At the moment it looks like it will rain again as I can see dark clouds on the horizon and fog across the mountains in the distance.

"I'm not sure what direction this next band of rain will go - it could go north or east and fall on us, or it could go south and avoid us. There's a forecast for more rain for 5 November."

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