Malaysia burglar 'caught napping'

Penang skyline
Image caption Local media dubbed the sleeping burglar 'Goldilocks'

A burglar in Malaysia who broke into a house to steal watches and jewellery was caught after falling asleep with the loot on a sofa, local media report.

When the owners returned to their home, in northern Penang state, they were shocked to find the living room in a mess and a man napping upstairs.

The burglar woke up and escaped through a kitchen window but was arrested nearby.

Police said the loot was worth about 10,000 ringgit ($3,200, £2,000).

The owner of the two-storey property had just returned from a holiday with his wife and children, when they noticed an unfamiliar car parked in front of their two-storey home.

"When his wife went up the upper floor to check the bedrooms, she was surprised to find a stranger taking a nap in her son's room," said a spokesman for George Town police.

The family then called the police, who caught the 42-year-old suspect after chasing him for about 50m.

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