Mangalore: Inquiry ordered after India plane skids off runway

Airport Security officials check the tyres of the IX384 Air India Express Dubai to Mangalore Image copyright ANI
Image caption The pilot of the Air India plane managed to steer it into a muddy patch of grass

Indian airline officials have ordered an inquiry after a passenger plane from Dubai skidded off a runway in the southern city of Mangalore on Sunday.

The Air India Express flight carrying 183 passengers veered off the runway, but the pilot managed to steer it into a muddy patch of grass.

Airline officials have blamed "tailwind and a wet runway" for the incident.

In May 2010, 158 people died when an Air India Express flight overshot the Mangalore airport runway and crashed.

Mangalore airport lies on top of a hill with steep drops at the end of each of its two runways - known as tabletop runways.

No passengers or crew were injured in Sunday's incident, airline officials said.

Air India Express is a subsidiary of India's national airline, Air India.

Sunday also saw a similar incident at Surat airport in the western state of Gujarat, when a Spice Jet plane skidded on a wet runway.

Heavy rains are usual in India at this time of year, due to the seasonal monsoon.

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