Hampi: Four arrested for vandalising India monument

Screengrab from a viral video showing three men shoving a pillar in Hampi
Image caption In the video, three men are seen vandalising the monument

Four men have been arrested for vandalising a Unesco World Heritage site in the southern Indian town of Hampi after a video emerged recently.

In the clip, three of them are seen shoving a pillar, which then toppled and broke apart.

The video went viral earlier in the week and prompted widespread outrage on social media.

Hampi, famous for its 16th century ruins and temples, is a popular tourist spot in India.

In addition to the three men who pushed the pillar, which was located outside a temple, a fourth person who was filming the incident has also been arrested.

The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), which looks after heritage sites in the country, registered a police complaint on 6 February, a few days after the video surfaced.

However, police say they are not sure when the incident took place.

"We are investigating this - it could have even occurred a year or two ago," an officer told BBC Hindi's Imran Qureshi.

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