Moshe Holtzberg: Boy who survived 2008 attack returns to Mumbai

Moshe Holtzberg arrives with his grandparents at Chabad House (16/01/18) Image copyright AFP
Image caption Moshe Holtzberg was rescued by his Indian nanny during the Mumbai attack

An Israeli boy whose parents were killed in the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks has for the first time returned to the site where they were murdered.

Moshe Holtzberg, 11, was accompanied by his adoptive grandparents. They are in India as part of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's delegation.

The boy was saved by his Indian nanny when the Jewish cultural centre was stormed by Pakistani militants.

Mr Netanyahu is to open a memorial for victims of the attack on Thursday.

Moshe's nanny, Sandra Samuel, gave up her life in India to move to Israel and continue caring for the boy.

Rabbi Israel Kozlovsky, who now runs cultural centre known as Chabad House, told reporters that Moshe's visit was "very emotional" for them.

"We are very excited to meet Moshe, who's not a baby anymore but will always remain a baby in our hearts," he added.

BBC correspondents say that Indian media, who covered his story extensively when he was saved, are still referring him to as "baby Moshe" and his return is generating great excitement.

Moshe's parents were among six people killed by gunmen at Chabad House in the Mumbai attacks, which began on 27 November 2008.

The luxury Taj Mahal Palace and Tower and Oberoi-Trident hotels were also targeted, along with the city's Chhattrapati Shivaji train station.

The attacks left 174 people - including nine gunmen - dead.

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