Kulbhushan Jadhav: Pakistan issues new 'India spy' video

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Pakistani officials released photos of Kulbushan Jadhav meeting his mother and wife

Pakistan has released a new video of a former Indian navy officer facing a death sentence for spying, amid controversy over a visit by his family.

In the video, Kulbhushan Jadhav says his mother and wife, who met him in December, were "shouted at" by the Indian diplomat accompanying them.

Earlier, India had claimed the two were "humiliated" by Pakistan and raised concerns over Mr Jadhav's health.

Pakistan says Mr Jadhav was arrested in 2016, but Delhi says he was kidnapped.

The nuclear-armed neighbours have a long history of diplomatic spats and Delhi and Islamabad often accuse each other of sending spies into their territories.

Islamabad has produced videos of Mr Jadhav in the past that it says are confessions of his spying - although India has claimed the confessions were extracted under duress.

In the latest video, Mr Jadhav reiterates the charge, saying he is a "commissioned officer in the Indian navy", and his commission is "not yet over".

He said he could see "fear" in his mother's and wife's eyes when they visited him in Islamabad.

He said his mother was "relaxed" after the visit, but accused the Indian official accompanying them of being rude.

"This gesture was a positive one so that she feels happy, I feel happy - and then there's this person standing outside and yelling at her?" he says in the video.

India's Ministry of External Affairs dismissed the video as a "propagandistic" exercise, adding: "Pakistan in simply continuing its practice of putting out coerced statements on video."

The video, which was released by Pakistan's foreign office, comes days after India's foreign minister told parliament that Mr Jadhav's family had been intimidated by Pakistani officials during the visit.

She accused the country of violating the terms of the agreement of the visit and said the entire exercise lacked credibility.

The meeting had lasted around 40 minutes and took place at the Pakistani foreign ministry in the capital.

Mr Jadhav's mother, Avanti, and his wife, Chetankul were made to remove all their jewellery and even change clothes as part of security measures. A pair of shoes his wife was wearing was not returned to her, after Islamabad officials said they found a metallic device inside them that "could be" a recording device.

Who is Kulbhushan Jadhav?

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There have been protests In India against Pakistan's decision to execute Mr Kulbushan Jadhav
  • The 46-year-old was a resident of Mumbai
  • He is the son of retired Mumbai police officer Sudhir Jadhav
  • A former officer, he was in the navy for more than a dozen years
  • His family says he quit the navy to start his own business and was working at Iran's Chabahar port
  • He was given a death sentence by a military court in April 2017
  • He is married and has children

The two countries are fighting a legal case over Mr Jadhav at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague.

In May, the ICJ ordered Pakistan not to execute him until it had time to hear the case brought by India.

There have been differing accounts of how and where he was detained.

Pakistan says he was arrested on 3 March 2016 in its restive Balochistan province. The area has been hit by a separatist insurgency, which the Pakistani government accuses India of backing. India says he was kidnapped by Pakistan while he was in Iran.