Bollywood star faces eviction from Paris apartment

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The Bollywood actress has starred in over 40 movies

Bollywood star Mallika Sherawat and her French husband are facing eviction from their Paris apartment.

The couple owe nearly 80,000 euros (£70,421; $94,551) in rent and a court in Paris is scheduled to rule on the dispute.

The couple's lawyer said they wanted to "show their annoyance" by not paying rent after the star was attacked in the building last year.

The landlord has requested the seizure of furniture and a luxury watch.

The 350-sq-m apartment is in the French capital's wealthy 16th arrondissement.

The landlord's lawyer claims that, as of 14 November, the couple owe his client 78,786.73 euros.

Olivier Mayrand told the Franceinfo news website that the couple could easily afford the rent, but there were currently no negotiations going on over the dispute.

"We are talking about 46m euros in revenue and a fortune of 140 million. We are far from the tenant in difficulty," he said.

But the couple's lawyer says they face "temporary financial difficulties".

They had refrained from paying rent due to a dispute with the landlord after Ms Sherawat was assaulted in the building's lobby last November, David Honorat told Franceinfo.

But they were willing to do so once all problems had been resolved, he said.

The actress, however, has denied that she has a flat in Paris. She tweeted, "Some in the media seem to think I have an apartment in Paris. It's absolutely not true. If someone has donated one to me, please send me the address."

None of the news reports suggest that the star owns an apartment in Paris. Her tweet has puzzled many.

Ms Sherawat has starred in over 40 films.