When fast food gets an Indian twist

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McDosa cartoonImage source, Kirtish Bhatt

McDonald's created quite a stir when it announced plans to start serving classic Indian dishes in the form of burgers.

One dish to get the treatment is the hugely popular masala dosa, which is a type of rice pancake with a potato filling.

Many Indians took to Twitter last week to share their views on McDonald's "dosa burger" and "anda bhurji burger" (masala scrambled eggs).

Some saw this as an attempt by McDonald's to appropriate Indian food, but others chose humour to suggest more dishes for a McMakeover.

Here's the BBC's in-house cartoonist, Kirtish Bhatt, on these suggestions and on India's take on global fast food chains.

McSamosa, anyone?

Now the samosa is a humble but very popular street snack in India. As one Twitter user suggested, McDonald's should include it in its menu to go fully Indian.

Why not lassi?

Another Twitter user said McDonald's Indian menu would not be complete without lassi, a sweet yogurt-based thick drink.

Not so Kentucky

While McDonald's is trying to become more Indian, some local shops try hard to look global and name themselves after popular global fast-food chains, often with a twist. Kerala is a state in southern India, where famous meals include sadya - a feast served on a banana leaf. KFC would look very different if it were done Indian-style!

Subway sambar

If Subway had started in India, it might have been inspired by the popular south Indian surname Subramanian. It would sell rice cakes and lentil stew (sambar), not sandwiches and salads.

US pizza?

US Pizza is a popular food chain across India, where pizzas are often connected with the US rather than any other country. In that spirit, there is absolutely no reason why "US" can't also stand for "Uttam Singh", which is a popular north Indian name!