India Congress leader Rahul Gandhi's Twitter account hacked

To every one of you haters out there. I love all of you. You're beautiful. Your hatred just doesn't let you see it yet Image copyright @OfficeOfRG

The Twitter account of India's main opposition Congress party and its leader Rahul Gandhi have been repeatedly targeted by hackers.

A tweet on Mr Gandhi's timeline addressed his "haters" and was retweeted by the official account of the Congress party.

The new message appeared shortly after a series of abusive tweets on both accounts were deleted.

Mr Gandhi has said the hacking reflects badly on India's digital security.

He also used the incident to question the government's push to get people to bank online.

Online payments and digital wallets have been pushed as alternatives to cash transactions ever since India banned 500 and 1,000 rupee notes last month in a bid to curb corruption.

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The party has lodged a complaint with the cyber cell of the Delhi police which is investigating the incident. The police have said that they are asking Twitter for information.

While the first batch of tweets were deleted within 30 minutes, the new message leading Mr Gandhi's timeline has been up for five hours, indicating that the party has still not managed to regain control of the account.

Meanwhile, the attacks have generated much reaction on Indian social media.

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