India train crash: Survivors tell stories of 'miraculous escape'

Scene of the crash Image copyright Krishna Keshav
Image caption Rescuers worked hard to free people from the wreckage

At least 140 people died in India's worst train accident in six years, when the Indore-Patna Express came off the rails at 03:00 local time (21:30 GMT Saturday) near the northern Indian city of Kanpur.

Another 180 people are injured with 56 in critical condition.

BBC Hindi's Zubair Ahmed spoke to some survivors of the train accident of their experiences:

Why do India's trains keep going off the rails?

In pictures: Train derailment

Ravish Kumar, student, Patna, Bihar state

Mr Kumar lost five members of his family, including his mother, sister, uncle and grandmother, in the crash. He only found out that his family members had died a day after the accident.

"My cousin and I were sleeping in a different coach to the rest of my family. This decision saved our lives.

"We woke up because the train suddenly stopped and we all fell to the floor. When I got out, I saw the coach that my family was in, had broken into three pieces."

Monu Vishwakarma, Ambedkar Nagar, Uttar Pradesh state

Mr Vishwakarma lost his mother and two other family members in the accident.

"There was a loud sound that woke me up. I don't remember how I escaped, but within seconds I was out of my coach. I was looking for my family when I saw that my brother was trapped under the debris. I tried to pull him out, when I realised that my right arm was broken.

Mr Vishwakumar said he had lost consciousness at that point and woke up in a hospital room.

"I visited the hospital morgue and saw my brother's body lying there," he said.

Kamla Devi, Patna, Bihar

Ms Devi, who has suffered multiple fractures and was not speaking to anyone except the nurses taking care of her.

She was with 20 people who were returning from a religious pilgrimage. She is one of only four survivors in the entire group.

"Her son and daughter-in-law are among the dead," a hospital staff member told the BBC.

"She has not been informed about the death of her family members. Relatives fear she will be go into shock if she is told. She keeps telling people who are visiting her to help her find her son and his wife."

Two lost children

A four-year-old boy and an 18-month-old girl were also found - lying unconscious outside two train carriages.

Doctors said the children were grievously injured and dehydrated when they were brought to the hospital.

"They have now recovered," a doctor said.

The children are unable to give authorities the names of their parents or any other information that could help identify who they are.

Hospital authorities have been circulating pictures of the children on WhatsApp, in the hope that their parents or relatives will come forward.

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