Diwali in Delhi: A colourful night turns smoggy grey

Diwali celebrations in the Indian capital Delhi have seen air pollution rise to hazardous levels after many firecrackers were set off.

Residents awoke from a night of colourful fireworks to find the city covered in a thick grey blanket of smog and authorities warned that pollution levels were critically high.

Image copyright EPA
Image caption Diwali, the most important Hindu festival in India, celebrates the victory of good over evil
Image copyright AP
Image caption Fire crackers are an integral part of celebrations and are set off in vast quantities
Image copyright AP
Image caption Campaigns asking people to reduce their use of fire crackers have drawn little to no response
Image copyright AP
Image caption On Monday, Delhi was enveloped in a thick blanket of smog
Image copyright AFP
Image caption Levels of particulate matter in the air hazardous to health rose to nearly 10 times the safe limit of 100
Image copyright AP
Image caption Angry Indians shared pictures of smog-filled roads as they drove to work

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