When John Kerry got stuck in Delhi traffic

When VIPs visit Delhi, they expect roads to be empty like this.

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But for ordinary drivers, roads are usually like this...

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...and it gets worse during monsoon rains.

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So when US Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Delhi for bilateral talks on Monday evening, monsoon rains decided to not care about his VIP status.

Instead of driving smoothly on empty roads, Mr Kerry's motorcade was reportedly stuck in traffic for more than an hour.

It was highly unusual because VIPs are usually given privileges like clear passage on empty roads and no waiting in queues.

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And social media quickly started to have some fun at the cost of Mr Kerry's traffic nightmare.

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Image caption Mr Mahapatra thinks buying choppers for VIPS will be good for aam admi (common man)
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Image caption "Good that John Kerry didn't come during Delhi wedding season. Otherwise he would have taken the first U-turn to go back to the airport"
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