Delhi eatery 'discriminated' against street children

Children outside the Shiv Sagar restaurant Image copyright Hindustan Times
Image caption Sonali Shetty says she was refused service because the street children were "poor and dirty"

A restaurant in Delhi is guilty of "discriminatory behaviour" for refusing to serve a woman and street children who wanted to eat there, an Indian state government panel has said.

The woman, Sonali Shetty, had tried to take a group of street children to Shiv Sagar restaurant in the Indian capital.

She says she was turned away because the children were "poor and dirty". The restaurant says she demanded free food.

The panel said it was "evident" that they had been willing to pay.

It said it was clear the decision not to serve them had been made on the basis of "socio-economic status", which was "against the spirit" of the Indian constitution.

The incident on Sunday attracted widespread criticism in India, and prompted Delhi's deputy chief minister, Manish Sisodia, to say the restaurant had shown a "typical colonial mentality".

The Delhi state government has said it will take tough action against the restaurant, but has given no further details.