Indian 'thief' expels gold necklace after 60 bananas

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Image caption Anil Yadav was arrested on Monday afternoon and accused of snatching a woman's necklace

An alleged Indian thief who swallowed a gold necklace has expelled it in his excreta after he was fed special liquids and more than 60 bananas.

Anil Yadav was accused of snatching the necklace, worth 63,000 rupees ($995; £648), from a woman on Monday.

Doctors at Mumbai's Sion hospital also gave him four enemas after an X-ray scan of his body showed the necklace lodged in his stomach.

Meanwhile, the owner of the necklace has said she will not wear it again.

Rajashree Mayeker told Midday newspaper correspondent Saurabh Vaktania that she would take it to her jeweller who would melt it and re-make it.

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Image caption Police say an X-ray has revealed the necklace inside Anil Yadav's body

The hospital authorities said Mr Yadav expelled the necklace on Thursday morning in his stool after he was put on a special diet of bananas, milk and antacids.

They said the necklace took so long to come out because it had a large pendant which was hindering its expulsion.

On Wednesday, police official Rahul Pawar told the BBC that Mr Yadav, 30, snatched the necklace weighing 25g (0.06lb) from Mrs Mayeker, 52, as she was walking home in the Sion area on Monday afternoon.

He was caught after a chase by the police and public.

After some people who had caught him said they had seen him swallowing something, Mr Yadav was taken to the hospital where an X-ray revealed the necklace inside his body.

Doctors, however, have questioned the use of bananas as a laxative with some saying medicines could have done the job much more easily.

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