In pictures: India celebrates Christmas

Millions of Christians in India are celebrating Christmas.

With 24 million followers, Christianity is India's third-largest religion. Christians comprise 2.3% of the country's population.

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Students gather for a school event to mark the festival in the central city of Bhopal.

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A church in the northern city of Allahabad is decorated for the festival with lights.

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A young girl, dressed as an angel, poses in front of a church in the northern city of Jalandhar.

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A roadside shop in northern India selling Christmas decorations waits for customers.

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People participate in a Christmas carnival in the western city of Mumbai, which has a large population of Christians.

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A man dressed as Santa Claus distributes solar lamps to tribal families near Mumbai.

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A municipal worker pushes a garbage cart past a Christmas decoration installed on a pavement in the eastern city of Calcutta.

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