Ebola outbreak: Indian pharmacy worker died in Liberia

Liberia Image copyright EPA
Image caption The outbreak of Ebola has devastated Liberia and had a major effect on the country's economy

An Indian man working in Liberia died in September after contracting the deadly Ebola virus, India's foreign ministry has said.

The man's family was informed after his death and he was buried in Liberia.

Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia have been worst hit by the Ebola outbreak.

More than 5,400 people have died in those three countries, along with a handful of others in Nigeria, Spain and the US, but the pharmacist is the only Indian to die.

There are nearly 45,000 Indian nationals living in West Africa, according to the Reuters news agency.

India's Junior Foreign Minister VK Singh told parliament that the man died of the infection on 7 September.

Earlier this month India quarantined a man who was cured of Ebola in Liberia because of the possibility that he may spread the virus through sex.

The man tested negative for Ebola in standard checks when he arrived at Delhi airport, but officials said he was being quarantined because the virus was still present in his semen.

No cases of Ebola have been reported in India.

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