In pictures: India guru Rampal ashram stand-off

Police in India's Haryana state have surrounded the ashram of a controversial Hindu guru who is wanted on charges including conspiracy to murder. Nearly 200 people were injured on Tuesday in clashes between his supporters and police.

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Devotees of self-styled Guru Baba Rampal gathered in Delhi as tension mounted at his ashram in Hisar, about 175km (108 miles) north of Delhi.

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An estimated 30 buses carrying police from neighbouring areas have arrived at the scene and the main road to the ashram has reportedly been blocked.

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On Tuesday, hundreds of the guru's armed supporters clashed with baton-wielding police firing tear gas who tried to storm his fortified ashram and arrest him.

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It's not even clear if Rampal is still in the complex - his followers say he has been moved to a private hospital for medical treatment. They say he has been too ill to attend court, where he also faces contempt charges.

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Many of those injured are now being cared for in hospital. At least six people who were inside the ashram have died - their cause of death is not clear and post mortems are being conducted.

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Police say Rampal's armed supporters are holding people hostage and using women and children as human shields. They say that more than half of the 200 injured are policemen.

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