Indian media: Facebook's popularity

Social networking websites like Facebook are every popular in India
Image caption Social networking websites like Facebook are every popular in India

Media are highlighting a latest study that says India will have more Facebook users than any other country by 2016.

India is one of the fastest growing markets for social networking platforms like Facebook and the website has recorded a growth of 37.4% this year, according to reports.

Research firm eMarketer says the US has the most number of Facebook users at 146.8 million this year followed by India in the second spot.

"But with India's large population and high expected growth rate, eMarketer believes the country will develop the largest Facebook population of any country in the world by 2016," , a report in The Economic Times says.

The report further adds that India has an advantage because Facebook is banned in China.

"Since Facebook is banned in China, eMarketer assumes there are no users of the social network in the country," it says.

Meanwhile, newspapers and websites are expressing concerns over the lack of security at ATMs following the "brutal attack" on a woman in the southern Indian city of Bangalore.

"The brutal assault of a bank employee inside an ATM in Bangalore underscores the need for banks to provide security at these kiosks, The Deccan Herald says.

Hindi daily Amar Ujala says "such an incident in a comparatively cultured city like Bangalore only goes on to prove that no matter what we claim, the security of women continues to remain a major issue".

'Stolen onions'

Elsewhere, The Great Eastern, one of the oldest hotels in India, has been officially reopened after restoration work, The Tribune reports.

The historic hotel was built in 1841 by British hotelier David Wilson in Calcutta and soon became a "popular hangout" for the British living in the city.

Several foreign dignitaries, including Queen Elizabeth II, reportedly stayed in the hotel, the report says.

Staying with India's British legacy, a documentary film on legendary author George Orwell is being shot at his birthplace in Motihari town of the eastern state of Bihar, The India Today website reports.

The house, in which Orwell was born on 25 June 1903, has been declared a monument under the Ancient Monuments Act by the state government.

And finally, skyrocketing prices of onions have made them a "subject of theft" as a lorry full of the staple ingredient has gone missing in the western state of Maharashtra, The New Indian Express reports.

Police in the city of Nashik say they had never received a report on "theft of onions" until Wednesday.

Onions are an important part of any middle-class family's shopping list and the current price of almost 100 rupees ($1.59; £1) a kg, up from the usual 15-20 rupees, is making lives tough.

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