India Himalayas 1968 plane crash yields body

Antonov 12 (file photo)
Image caption The plane that crashed in 1968 was a Soviet-made Antonov 12

The body of an Indian soldier killed in an air crash in the Himalayas 45 years ago has been recovered, the army says.

The remains of NCO Jagmail Singh were found on the Dhakka glacier in northern Himachal Pradesh state.

The soldier's identity was established by an identity disk, an insurance policy and a letter found in his pocket, the spokesman said.

The army transport plane crashed in February 1968, killing all 98 soldiers on board.

Nothing more was heard from the aircraft after it made radio contact near the Rohtang pass, which links Himachal Pradesh with Indian-administered Kashmir.

The debris of the Antonov An-12 was discovered by accident by a team on the Dhakka glacier in 2003, the BBC's Baldev S Chauhan reports.

Four other bodies were recovered in subsequent search missions.

The latest search operation started on 13 August.