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BBC to close India non-news channels

image captionCBeebies will no longer be available after the end of November

BBC Worldwide has announced the closure of two of its non-news channels in India, BBC Entertainment and CBeebies.

The two channels would be discontinued at the end of November, it said in a press statement.

It cited the delays in digitisation and the need for channel operators to pay hefty fees to cable platforms as reasons for taking them off air.

It said that it would consider re-launching the non-news channels if the situation changed.

The BBC said many of its programmes were available on other channels, both terrestrial and cable, as well as digitally and on its YouTube channel, and would continue to be seen in India.

It added: "We believe India is an exciting market and in the event of changes in the options available to us we would certainly consider re-launching our non-News channels in the market."