India yoga guru Baba Ramdev calls off hunger strike

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Media captionSanjoy Majumder reports from the Baba Ramdev rally in Delhi

Indian anti-corruption campaigner Baba Ramdev has called off his hunger strike, a day after police stopped him from marching to parliament in Delhi to stage a demonstration.

Baba Ramdev says he is campaigning for the recovery of bribe money allegedly held overseas.

He is also demanding stronger anti-corruption laws.

The yoga guru has millions of supporters and his daily TV programme is watched by millions across India.

Last June he held a nine-day anti-corruption hunger strike before the police evicted him from Delhi.

After ending his six-day fast on Tuesday, Baba Ramdev asked his supporters to defeat the ruling Congress party "to save the country".

A number of opposition leaders, including Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) chief Nitin Gadkari, have supported his protest.

Correspondents say that although the latest protests are nowhere near the scale of similar protests last year led by leading social activist Anna Hazare, they do show that corruption is still an issue.

A recent survey said corruption in India had cost billions of dollars and threatened to derail growth.

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