Father of 'battered' Indian Baby Afreen arrested

Police in Indian city of Bangalore have arrested the father of a badly injured baby girl who was admitted to hospital.

Three-month-old Afreen was allegedly beaten by her father because he was upset at having a daughter instead of a son, the mother has said.

But the father has denied beating the child and said he did not know why his wife had alleged so.

The case follows the death last month of a severely battered toddler who was taken to a Delhi hospital in January.

That child,was brought to hospital with serious injuries, including human bite marks all over her body, by a teenage girl.

The case of the toddler gripped India, provoking widespread outrage and condemnation.

Now the case of Baby Afreen has attracted widespread attention.

Doctors at Vani Vilas government hospital in Bangalore, where Afreen is being treated, said there were "signs of abuse" on her body and her condition is "critical".

They said she has serious brain injuries and she has been put on a ventilator to assist her breathing.

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