China's Communist Party members given quiz online

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Do you think you know the Chinese Communist Party constitution off by heart? If you're a member, you probably should.

From 20 June to 10 July, all party members working at central government agencies across China have been told to participate in the "Constitution regulations in my heart" quiz.

The online quiz features 20 questions, from a pool of 300, covering everything from policy to discipline guidelines to punishments for breaking party rules.

Members are given one hour to complete it, though it has an open-book format.

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image caption"What is the first provision of China's self-discipline guidelines?" reads this question

The average score results, as well as the results of each individual, will be sent to the respective departments of the party, as well as made public.

The participation rate of each department will also be noted down.

The test isn't intended for the general public, but is freely available online.

Could you complete the Communist Party quiz?

Let's start off with one of the simpler questions: "How many chapters does the constitution have?"

A quick internet search will show you that there are in fact 11 chapters, as well as an introductory General Programme.

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The question above requires more careful reading of the constitution itself. It reads: "The path to a stronger country is: a) To open up to the outside b) To never stop deepening reform c) To persevere with reform and opening up or d) The rapid development of productivity."

The answer is c, and you can read all about it in the General Programme.

Other questions require a knowledge not just of the constitution, but of the party's disciplinary codes, such as: "When (exact year and date) was the Criterion of Honesty and Self-discipline for Party Members deliberated?" and "If a party official's spouse takes a bribe, what punishment should the official get?"

In case you were wondering, there are five ways the CCP can enforce discipline: a warning, a serious warning, removal from Party posts, probation within the Party, and expulsion from the Party.

The quiz is part of a learning and education campaign recently launched by President Xi Jinping, to boost loyalty to the party.

The campaign, which calls for members to study the party charter as well as President Xi's speeches, will run through the entire year.

A previous loyalty drive by the party called on members to transcribe the 15,000-character party constitution by hand.

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