China wedding feud in Guangxi erupts into street battle

Newlywed couples parade during a traditional mass wedding ceremony on 28 November 2005 in Guangzhou of Guangdong Province, China. Image copyright China Photos/Getty Images
Image caption Elaborate street processions are a common feature in weddings in China

A feud between rival families holding weddings on the same day in a southern Chinese village erupted into a four-hour street battle, report local media.

The violence broke out in the Guangxi region on Sunday when one wedding procession tried to pass under an archway built for the other family.

Images showed relatives and guests fighting with knives and improvised explosives made out of fireworks.

Police arrived and made several arrests. There were no casualties.

Local reports said the incident began when the processions for the Lin and Qi families met and both sides refused to give way to each other.

Both sides also felt that the fact that they were holding their wedding celebrations at the same time on the same narrow road was "inauspicious".

The violence kicked off when the Qis proceeded down the road where the Lins had already constructed their decorative archway.

Amateur footage taken at the scene and shared online showed a large group of people gathered by the archway shouting angrily, and people shooting what appeared to be fireworks on the street at one another as others in the background flee.

It remains unclear whether either couple actually managed to get married.

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