Bo Xilai: Chinese social media reaction

Within minutes of the Xinhua announcement of China's Communist Party's decision on Bo Xilai, posts and reposts of the decision started to circulate on Chinese social media websites and comments appeared on Sina Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter, and other sites.

Support for the party's decision

Shenjing Jihua posted on Sina Weibo: "Bo is expelled from the party and handed over to the judiciary - he finally met his end, having almost pushed China back to the Cultural Revolution. So justice will prevail, and there is still hope for China."

Shiwei on Sina Weibo said: "One can now put a full stop on a dominant personality who will fade from history!"

Gongxi Facai said on "Bo represents the officials from the centre, in a corrupt socialist country where nobody can stand up to close scrutiny."

Sympathy for Bo

Yannafei posted on "Despite all his shortcomings, Bo Xilai is still the most capable bureaucrat of the lot, and he wanted to do things for the people."

Ouyangyu simply asked on "How can Bo Xilai be expelled from the party?"

Bigger picture

Qinyang said on "Can people trust the government and the party any more?"

Huaju Yanyuan said on "The case of Bo Xilai tells us that one overlooked event leads to a series of troubles, and that there aren't any clean officials in China."