Christchurch shootings: First victim named as families wait anxiously

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Omar Nabi holds a phone with a picture of his father Daoud, outside the court where a suspect was appearing

The first person killed in the Christchurch mosque shootings to be publicly identified has been named as Daoud Nabi.

Mr Nabi, 71, was originally from Afghanistan. His son Omar told AFP news agency his father described New Zealand as "a slice of paradise".

Nationals of Bangladesh, India and Indonesia are believed to be among the dead, with other countries - including Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Turkey - offering consular assistance.

The New Zealand Red Cross has published a list of missing persons on its website.

Muslim communities have also posted alerts on social media of those unaccounted for following the attack.

Police have confirmed that 49 people have died but have not yet released names.

The Red Cross website has listed a growing number of people who were caught up in the shootings.

Survivors can register that they are alive to reassure relatives, while those looking for someone can record them as missing.

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Christchurch was put into lockdown as events unfolded

Those missing have been listed as originating from countries including Jordan, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia.

At least four people from Somalia have been killed in the attacks. One of the targets, the Al Noor mosque, is co-run by Somalis.

The organisation Syrian Solidarity New Zealand has said at least one Syrian refugee was killed.

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Eyewitness: "My hands were shaking so hard"

The Pakistan Association of New Zealand (PANZ) has posted names on Facebook of members who are missing.

It has set up an "emergency operating cell" to support families.

The Bangladesh High Commission in Canberra, Australia, advised Bangladeshi citizens living in New Zealand to "keep calm, avoid places of congregation and to follow instructions from the police".

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