Thailand blasts: 'I was meant to be there when attacks took place'

A Thai forensic police officer at the scene of the blast in Hua Hin Image copyright EPA

The resort town of Hua Hin was the worst-hit in a number of co-ordinated blasts across Thailand, targeting tourist areas and leaving four dead and many injured.

English tourist Thomas, from Kent, is 19 and a regular visitor to Hua Hin. He was due to be at the scene of the blasts on Thursday, before being delayed.

He says he is "very relieved and shocked".

"I was walking towards the Soi Bintabaht area of Hua Hin when the attacks took place on Thursday night.

"I was meant to go to a bar right where the attacks took place, but was held up on the way when I met my sister.

"Had I not been delayed, I would have been there when the explosion happened. I feel very relieved and shocked this morning.

"I can't believe it's happened here. It's usually just a laid-back beach resort. This is just totally unexpected

"I have been coming to Hua Hin for three years as a tourist and my father lives here, along with a sizeable expat community.

"It has never been as quiet as it is now.

"I just returned from the scene again and the area is cordoned off and cars are not allowed to enter.

Image copyright EPA
Image caption Hua Hin is popular with Western tourists and has a sizeable ex-pat community

"There are blood stains on the floor which point to last night's attack.

"I arrived there just after the attacks took place. It was a chaotic scene. No one knew what was going on.

"Police and emergency vehicles were arriving at the scene. People were fleeing quickly on scooters

"When we arrived, we were sent away by police, and there was enormous speculation about what had happened and how many bombs had gone off.

"I have Thai friends, whose friends have been injured. I have seen them posting about it on Facebook.

"All bars closed after the attack. The main shopping centre, Market Village, which is normally heaving with shoppers, is now closed.

"I have spoken to two local business owners today. Both told me how worried they are for their businesses and tourism following on from a difficult couple of years for the area anyway.

"The roads are completely quiet this morning and businesses are shut. There is a clear police presence on the streets.

"People are just in shock. I'm just relieved."

Interview by Stephen Fottrell.

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