China's press shows united front against South China Sea ruling

Chinese newspaper front pages Image copyright BBC Monitoring
Image caption The South China Sea has dominated the covers of China's papers today

Newspapers in China have gone into propaganda overdrive, a day after a tribunal in The Hague ruled against Beijing's claim to the resources of much of the South China Sea.

Regional papers, which usually focus on local news, are devoting their front pages to a staunch defence of China's claim over the disputed waters.

The papers dismiss the tribunal's decision outright, and many feature maps that depict disputed islands in the South China Sea as belonging to China.

This concerted propaganda effort will have considerable clout. China Statistics Press, an official agency, says China has around 1,900 newspaper titles.

'This is our sea'

Image copyright Dahe Daily

Dahe Daily in central Henan province shows the words "Hague arbitration" on a piece of scrap paper being thrown into a bin.

Image copyright Modern Express

Nanjing paper Modern Express shows a map of China and the disputed South China Sea region. It says: "We neither accept, nor recognise this."

Image copyright Information Times

Guangzhou paper Information Times has a similarly striking cover, with the same words in bold against a plain white background.

Image copyright New Express Daily

New Express Daily, in southern Guangdong, depicts the word "arbitration" on a piece of paper being ripped up.

Image copyright Shenyang Evening Post

Shenyang Evening Post, northeast Liaoning province, carries the headline: "Shared hearts and shared defences, this is our sea."

Image copyright Liaoshen Evening Post

Another paper from the region, Liaoshen Evening Post, simply says "NO" on its front cover.

Image copyright Youth Times

From the east, Hangzhou-based Youth Times shows a map of China with the South China Sea included. Its headline reads "China: Nothing more, nothing less".

Image copyright Beijing Morning Post

The Beijing Morning Post carries a picture of China superimposed against a sea, and the headline: "South China Sea Islands: China's territory".

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