In pictures: Japan earthquake

Image source, Nichi Nichi/AP
Image caption, Thousands of rescue workers are being deployed in the Kyushu region of south-western Japan to locate victims of a powerful earthquake
Image source, AP
Image caption, Saturday's earthquake was a further blow to residents already traumatised from the previous night's quake and more than 100 aftershocks
Image source, AFP
Image caption, A landslide in Mimami-Aso, Kumamoto prefecture. The fear is that rainfall over the weekend will trigger more mudslides
Image source, Koji Ueda/AP
Image caption, Dozens of people are feared trapped in the rubble of collapsed buildings - here rescuers carry a survivor, 93, on a stretcher covered in a plastic sheet
Image source, AFP
Image caption, Red Cross staff treat the injured in a hospital in Kumamoto
Image source, Yusuke Ogata/AP
Image caption, Nearly 200,000 homes are without electricity, Japanese media reported, and drinking water systems have failed in many areas
Image source, Hiroko Harima/AP
Image caption, Roads have been damaged and big landslides have been reported over a wide area
Image caption, Thousands of people whose homes were destroyed spent the night on the streets and in parks - where they gathered under blankets with many looking exhausted and frightened
Image source, Reuters
Image caption, Parts of Kumamoto Castle have been damaged
Image source, Muneyuki Tomari/AP
Image caption, There are fears that more damage can be expected because the latest earthquake had been shallower and the fault-line had been much longer
Image source, Taro Karibe/Getty Images
Image caption, Experts say the ground surface in the quake-hit area would have moved in the region of 4-5m during intense shaking over a large part of the Kyushu region
Image source, Taro Karibe/Getty Images
Image caption, Damage from Saturday's quake could be seen over a wide area with reports of fires, power cuts, collapsed bridges and even gaping holes in the earth

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