In pictures: Evacuees huddled on streets after Japan quake

image captionAfter a deadly quake in southern Japan on Thursday, people in the badly hit town of Mashiki on the island of Kyushu were evacuated from their homes.
image captionAbout 16,500 households in and around Mashiki were left without electricity, the Kyushu Electricity Power Co Inc said. Several buildings and homes simply collapsed. (AP)
image caption"The apartment building I live in is now tilting," one resident told the Japanese broadcaster NHK. Many spent a chilly night in shock on the streets, as firefighters assessed the damage. (AP)
image captionResidents, some with minor injuries, wrapped themselves in blankets and sat in the open for fear of further building collapses. (AP)
image captionThey gathered for shelter and information outside Mashiki's town hall. Most of the damage was in this town. (AP)
image caption"People were shocked but I have not seen any extreme confusion in the city," one resident told the AFP news agency. (AP)
image captionWhole families spent the entire night outside, coping with dozens of aftershocks which also disrupted rescue efforts. (AP)
image captionBy Friday morning it was still unclear how many evacuees would be able to return to their homes. (AP)

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