What does disputed Paracel island look like?

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The largest island in the disputed Paracel archipelago in the South China Sea is now believed to host surface-to-air missiles.

Known as Woody island by most, it is occupied by China, which calls it Yongxing. It is also claimed by Vietnam, which calls it Phu Lam, as well as by Taiwan.

Reports of the presence of missiles on the island have added to concerns about the militarisation of the South China Sea. Here is what we know about Woody Island.

China has controlled it for a long time

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image captionLocated about 300 km (190 miles) southeast of Hainan in China, the country has had some presence on the island since 1956
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image captionIn 2012, it established the city of Sansha on the island to administer the whole South China Sea, as well as a military garrison

There are people living on it

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image captionMore than 1,000 people live on the island, mainly soldiers, construction workers and fishermen
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image captionThere is a school, a hospital, a library...
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image caption....as well as an airport, port and mobile phone coverage

It's not the only source of tensions between neighbours

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image captionThe South China Sea is claimed almost entirely by China - but with many competing claims by Taiwan, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia and Brunei
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image captionIn recent years, China's extensive land reclamation in the area has sparked fears of militarisation and potential conflict
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image captionIn 2015, Beijing temporarily deployed fighter aircraft to Woody Island

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