Four missing in South Korea boat capsize

Gageo island

A Chinese fishing boat has capsized off South Korea's southern coast, with four people believed to be trapped inside.

The accident occurred on Wednesday morning while the boat, which had broken down, was being towed by a second Chinese fishing boat.

Five people were rescued but one later died.

The accident happened close to where the Sewol ferry sank in 2014, killing more than 300 people in South Korea's biggest maritime disaster.

Divers believe at least four people are still inside the fishing boat, which did not have approval by South Korean authorities to fish in the area, an official from South Korea's Ministry of Public Safety and Security told AP news agency.

The boat overturned 85km (50 miles) north-west of the island of Gageo.

South Korean maritime police based in the port city of Mokpo later withdrew divers after they failed to locate those thought trapped, AP reported.

It was unclear whether Chinese coastguard officials would continue search and rescue efforts or tow the boat away, a ministry official was quoted as saying.

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