Bangladesh mob lynched seven suspected robbers

Map of Bangladesh

An angry mob has beaten seven suspected robbers to death on the outskirts of Bangladesh's capital, Dhaka, officials say.

They were accused of breaking into a village market in Narayanganj district, police spokesman Ariful Haq said.

Six other people were injured, with four of them in a critical condition.

Mob justice is common in Bangladesh, where police are accused of being slow to respond to crimes, particularly in rural areas.

Reports say villagers encircled the marketplace when they heard the news of the alleged robbery and caught the suspects.

Four of them were said to have died instantly. The injured were taken to hospital by police.

Four men were sentenced to death earlier this month for lynching a 13-year boy and placing a video of the brutal beating on Facebook.

The incident sparked outrage across the country, reports the BBC's Waliur Rahman in Dhaka.

Seven students were also beaten to death on suspicion of being robbers near the city a few years ago, he adds.

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