Wild boar wanders into Hong Kong shopping mall

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Media captionWild boar are fairly common in rural areas of Hong Kong, but rarely seen in shops

A wild boar escaped the forest to run around a Hong Kong shopping mall, eventually getting trapped inside a children's clothing store.

The female boar strayed from its normal habitat to the Chai Wan mall in the east of Hong Kong, where it stayed for four hours.

Reports said it climbed up a ladder before falling through the shop's roof.

The 25kg (55lb) boar was eventually tranquilised before being taken to an animal rehabilitation centre.

News reports in Hong Kong said the boar fell through the roof on to the top of display case.

It then jumped to the floor and ran around the shop, knocking over mannequins and signs.

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Image caption The pig fell through the roof on to a display case, say onlookers
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Image caption The boar was quite small - they can weigh up to eight times more than the Hong Kong escapee

The shop's manager told the South China Morning Post: "It just came in out of nowhere, and turned around at the window.

"It also pushed open the fitting room door and got in. Pigs are actually not stupid."

Wild boar are common in Hong Kong's countryside, and can become aggressive when confronted.

They can grow to 2m in length (6.6 feet) and weigh up to 200kg (440lb).

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