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In pictures: Nepal earthquake aftermath

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image captionTens of thousands of people in Nepal have been forced to live and sleep outside for fear of further aftershocks following Saturday's earthquake, which killed more than 3,000 people
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image captionEarthquake victims sit on a tarpaulin as they receive medical treatment outside Dhading hospital in Dhading Besi, outside the capital, Kathmandu
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image captionFour-year-old Abhishek Tamang is one of the patients receiving treatment outside Dhading hospital
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image captionAn excavator is used to dig through rubble in search of bodies in Kathmandu
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image captionA young girl walks with a boy over a collapsed school playground in Kathmandu
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image captionA Nepalese policeman tries to clear the rubble with his hands while looking for survivors at the site of a collapsed temple in Kathmandu
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image captionPeople pray before cremating the body of a victim in Kathmandu
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image captionThe 7.8 magnitude quake opened up huge cracks in the ground, here in a road on the outskirts of Kathmandu
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image captionHigh in the Himalayas, hundreds of foreign and Nepalese climbers remained trapped after a huge avalanche tore its way through the Mount Everest base camp
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image captionA construction expert told Reuters that long-term reconstruction costs using proper building standards for an earthquake zone could be more than $5bn, or about 20% of the country's GDP

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