More executions after Peshawar school massacre

Pakistani soldiers are deployed around Faisalabad's prison. Photo: 21 December 2014 Image copyright EPA
Image caption The new executions were carried out amid tight security in Faisalabad

Pakistan has hanged four prisoners, the second set of executions since a death penalty moratorium was lifted after the Peshawar school massacre.

The four men were convicted of involvement in a plot to assassinate then President Pervez Musharraf.

One of those executed had dual Pakistani-Russian citizenship.

On Friday, Pakistan executed two convicts. This followed the Taliban attack on the school that left 141 people - 132 of them children - dead.

The Taliban said the raid on 16 December was in revenge for an army offensive in the north-western region near the border with Afghanistan.

UN plea

The four prisoners were executed in a jail in the central city of Faisalabad on Sunday, amid tight security.

The convict with dual Pakistani-Russian nationality was named as Akhlas Akhlaq.

Three other men were identified by Pakistan's media as Ghulam Sarwar, Zubair Ahmed and Rashid Tipu.

Russia's foreign ministry said in a statement it had tried - but failed - to delay the execution of Akhlas Akhlaq.

The failed assassination attempt on Pervez Musharraf took place in 2003.

Pakistan imposed a de facto death penalty moratorium in 2008.

The new executions come despite calls by the UN not to resume them.

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