How Pakistan school massacre unfolded

A Pakistani girl, who was injured in a Taliban attack in a school, is rushed to a hospital in Peshawar, Pakistan, 16 December 2014 Image copyright AP

An attack by the Taliban on a school in Peshawar is being seen as one of the worst-ever in Pakistan. Militants stormed the building and scores of children and staff were killed. Here is how events unfolded.

12:00 Tuesday local time (07:00 GMT): A spokesman for the Taliban tells the BBC that militants have attacked the army-run school in response to military operations in North Waziristan and the Khyber area.

The BBC's Wietske Burma in Islamabad tweets:

Local channels quote police saying between four to six gunmen wearing security uniform have entered the school. Gunfire is heard from inside the building.

Footage from the scene shows injured children and young people being taken away.

Image copyright AP
Image copyright AP

Security forces close the road and cordon off the area.

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13:00-14:00 (08:00-09:00 GMT): The Pakistani army says a gun battle is still under way at the school. The bulk of the 500 students and staff inside the building have been evacuated, officials say.

Schoolchildren are photographed being ushered away from the area.

Image copyright Reuters
Image copyright Reuters

Regional government officials update the media on early estimates of the number of people killed.

14:00-15:00 (09:00-10:00): The death roll rises quickly. Local officials go on to say 126 people have been killed, most of them children.

Dozens more are injured and taken to Peshawar's Lady Reading Hospital.

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Meanwhile, students are reportedly still being held hostage inside the school.

Military officials say a rescue operation is taking place.

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15:30 (10:30 GMT): Several explosions are heard from inside the school, as well as continuing gunfire.

Reports later emerge of a suicide bomb going off inside the school.

Frantic parents continue to search for news of their children.

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16:00 (11:00 GMT): More children are being rescued from the siege, officials say.

17:15 (12:15 GMT): An army spokesman says six suspected militants are dead, and bombs planted by the attackers are hampering the military operation.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has by now reached Peshawar and is being briefed on the operation.

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20:00 (15:00 GMT): Pakistani officials say the attack is over, with all of the attackers killed, although security forces are still checking for bombs.

Soldiers continue to patrol the streets of Peshawar.

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Meanwhile, the death toll continues to rise.

This boy's mother was reportedly a teacher at the school and was killed during the siege.

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Pakistan's army spokesman Asim Bajwa says 132 children and nine staff members were killed in the attack.

The final number of people killed is yet to be confirmed.

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