Top Karachi policeman Farooq Awan escapes blast

A wrecked car sits at the site of a bomb attack targeting a senior police officer in Karachi on September 25, 2014 Image copyright AFP
Image caption The blast was so powerful it could be heard for several miles

At least two people died in a powerful blast apparently targeting a top anti-terror police officer in the Pakistani city of Karachi, officials said.

The blast took place in the Gizri area just as Superintendent Farooq Awan was passing though it on his way home.

Two bystanders were killed as the bomb went off, but Mr Awan escaped with minor injuries.

It is not the first attempt on Mr Awan's life, but no group has said it carried out this attack.

Police said the bomb had been placed in a vehicle and was remotely activated. He has been involved in several high-profile terror cases in his career.

Earlier this month militants attacked Karachi's naval dockyard, sparking a six-hour-long gun battle.

News of the attack was initially withheld from the media, apparently because of its sensitivity.

Correspondents say it served as a stark reminder of lingering concerns about the ability of jihadi militants to penetrate deep inside Pakistan's security installations.

It also highlighted the ongoing volatility of Karachi, Pakistan's commercial capital and its most populous city.

Several of the city's high profile police officers have been targeted by militant groups.

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