Typhoon Haiyan: Images from Panay Island

Typhoon Haiyan swept through the Philippines in early November devastating hundreds of towns and cities.

Many residents in the worst hit areas are still without proper shelter as they try to rebuild their homes.

A group of "citizen journalists" in Iloilo on the central island of Panay documented the devastation in the province. Here are some photos and stories gathered by the group, known as Typhoon Yolanda Story Hub Visayas.

Corazon Barsanas, 91, was staying with her family when Haiyan ripped off the roof of their house. Corazon says she never imagined she would be able to brave a storm as strong as Haiyan. (20 November)

A convenience store in San Rafael, Iloilo has re-opened again despite being heavily damaged by the storm. (20 November)

The house of Ninfa Blanca, 57, was wiped out by the typhoon. Her neighbours have already started rebuilding their homes but Ninfa is unable to begin as she has no-one to help her. (20 November)

Local women selling woven bags, purses, and hats at the community centre in Sitio Nagpana. (20 November)

A resident of Lemery, Iloilo gathers some materials that she can use or burn. People are still in the process of re-opening the roads and cleaning up the storm mess. (20 November)

Vic Bataluna from Barotac Viejo, Iloilo is straightening out old nails to use them again. Vic says they have received some relief but he wishes for nails to help people rebuild their houses. (20 November)

Nelly Paclibar - pictured in the foreground - waiting for another day to end by the roadside. (20 November)

Residents of Estancia town gather around a TV set powered by a battery from a vehicle to watch a boxing match. Beside them is the roofless Northern Iloilo Polytechnic State College. (24 November)

Men from Estancia town rejoice as Manny Pacquiao - from the Philippines - beats American Brandon Rios. (24 November)