In pictures: Philippines reels after Typhoon Haiyan

image captionFilipinos are reeling from Typhoon Haiyan - known locally as Yolanda - which cut a devastating swathe through the island nation's central provinces on Friday and Saturday. It is feared thousands have died.
image captionMore aerial images are emerging of the city of Tacloban - one of the hardest hit areas - but rescuers have not even reached some more remote areas, where it is feared extreme damage has been done.
image captionThree days after one of the most violent storms in recorded history, survivors are desperate.
image captionMany residents did try to protect themselves, but found the evacuation centres they fled to were unable to withstand the typhoon or their stockpiles were washed away. Here, they crowd Tacloban airport, desperate for help.
image captionThere is relief for a few here in Iloilo province, as a helicopter arrives with some supplies.
image captionHere, in Guiuan town, Samar province, residents take matters into their own hands, grabbing goods from a ransacked warehouse.
image captionAid has been pledged from around the world, but with blocked roads and damaged airports, the problem is getting it to those who need it most.

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